In 1998 Dr. Chale graduated from one of the foremost Chiropractic Universities in North America. Life University in Marietta, GA. She graduated in the top 3% of her class: Sum cum Laude.  She earned a doctorate of chiropractic and currently practices some of the most advanced and specialized techniques in chiropractic such as KST. Patients usually notice dramatic results from the first visit. This new cutting edge technique is very different from other Chiropractic techniques. It is very gentle and extremely powerful. Her care is always on an individualized level and geared specifically for the patient’s lifestyle and needs.  Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba she was ecstatic to return home after graduation from Life University and open Performance Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center. She is currently in her 20th year of practice and is celebrating 15years in her current location! She is proud to say she is doctor of chiropractic and would love to have the opportunity to be yours.