The Superman

The goal of this exercise is to contract the entire back, neck, buttock and legs. 

While lying face down with a pillow under your tummy, stretch out your arms and legs and with one contraction lift your arms, legs and torso off the floor leaving only your belly to rest on the pillow. Hold for 3 Seconds then relax.

Repeat 5-8 times.

Do not hold your breath.


Wall Angels

Begin with standing against a bare wall. With upper and middle back remaining on the wall bring your arms up along the wall until your fingers meet above your head. Be sure that your arms, elbows or wrists DO NOT leave the wall while performing this exercise. 

If you have a tendency to lift the arms, elbows or wrists off the wall in order to touch your fingers above, you are not ready to execute this exercise to its fullest potential. So just go as high as you can. Although with practice you will see an improvement do 3 sets of 10/day.


Neck Side Bending

Turn your head to the right then with your right hand grab the back of your head, elbow high in the air. Your left hand should be behind your back. Pull down with you right hand bring your nose toward your right armpit gently relax your left shoulder. 


Scapular Retraction

Sitting erect, concentrate on squeezing the shoulders blades down and together. 


Pectoralis Stretching

Standing in a doorway begin this stretch low and move up the doorway to increase the stretch.

To increase this stretch move your feet farther in the doorway.


Pelvic Tilt

Lie on your back, knees bent, arms beside you. The goal of this exercise is to squeeze the buttock and lift pelvis off the floor keep your neck neutral.

Remember to squeeze and hold for 3 seconds.


Hanging Head

Begin lying face up on your bed with the mattress edge approximately half way up the neck, relax your head and let the natural weight of your neck and head distract downward,     so that your neck is in the shape of a C-curve.

When you have done this stage of the stretch for 1-2 weeks then place the mattress edge at the base of the neck (closer to the shoulders) and repeat the stretching technique. This stretch should be done DAILY and held from 5-7 minutes.   

Stop if you feel dizziness or nausea. 


Back Stabilization

The goal of this exercise is to be in control of movement. There are 3 parts to the total exercise. It is important that you use opposite sides of the body here.

  1. Start  on your hands and knees raise the right or left arm. Keep the arm in line with your body and raise only to level of head. Hold 3 seconds then switch sides.
  2. Do the same thing with the legs. Arms at rest. Extend left leg hold 3 seconds and then switch. 
  3. Part 3 consists of the arm and leg  lifting together simultaneously. Right arm and left leg lifting together and repeat using left arm and right leg. Holding the contractions for 3 seconds on each side.

It is important that you hold strong posture while doing this exercise and keep in line with the body. Contracting your abs and buttock. Again repeat 5-8 times holding for 3 seconds. 

Repeat 1, 2 & 3 using the opposite side.