What do our patients have to say...  

I am a R.N. I came to see Kelly by referral from another nurse on staff at the hospital in April 2005 (lots of us nurses see Kelly). Anyway I couldn’t walk. I had hurt myself assisting a patient. Needless to say she helped. Since this incident I have been seeing Kelly for several years. If memory serves correctly, I was one of her first clients to be treated using the system of KST. It’s a marvelous technique. I feel myself at peace in this office. Her receptionist calls me by name, and I feel like I belong here. Then there is Kelly. Her energetic presence allows me to relax in her care. She is there to do all she can to help my body perform better. I know she has my well-being at heart. My treatment begins and ends with awareness that my spirit has been lifted and I am ready to meet the demands of my life. Also, my husband a “non-believer” started seeing Kelly in 2007 and refers people to her all the time.
— Darlene M. - proud patient since 2005
I work at Sobey’s just down from Kelly’s office. I saw her sign when she opened in 2003 and have been seeing her ever since. I joke around saying that she is the only one who can put the tin man back together again but all joking aside I rely on Kelly and her chiropractic skills in order to get through all of life’s up’s and down’s. I am 46 years old I am an avid hockey and baseball player. I have had a lot of injuries including a back injury where I crawled into Kelly’s office; it didn’t faze her at all. She just said “ok what did you do? And when did you do it?” and away she went I was good as new in no time. From injuries to my shoulder to hamstring I would never trust anyone but her and I am lucky to have found such a great chiropractor.
— Brad H. - proud patient since 2003
As far back as I can remember, I had trouble with my neck. I remember sitting on my father’s shoulders when I was young and I struck my head on the kitchen light fixture hard enough to need stitches. As a child, I used to wake up regularly with a sore neck. By the time I was a young adult, headaches were taking over my life. I started looking for a solution as I did not want to become dependent on pain killers for the rest of my life.

That is when a friend told me about chiropractic care! I followed her recommendation and started to see her chiropractor. My spine had a reverse curve thru the neck. I remember the chiropractor saying that if he’d just flip the x-ray over, it would be perfect! It was showing 20-25 years of degeneration which aligned to my age.

I began seeing Dr. Kelly in 2003 back when she was a manual adjuster which I might add she was very good at. I found a lot of relief with her adjustments but in 2006 when she was certified in KST, it all changed. This technique has changed everything. I am very relieved to say NO MORE CHRONIC NECK PAIN. Before KST, adjustments were about preventing added degeneration and maintaining all the progress we had made to date. But the neck pain was always resurfacing; I was never quite getting over that proverbial “hump”. Now neck pain is a thing of the past!

I understand what chiropractic is and how it works. I believe that healing comes from the inside out. But when you have a chronic condition you get frustrated and the pain beats you down and you can become accepting of it even though you don’t need to!

My body tells me when I need an adjustment and for me, it is simple: adjustments allow my body to perform at its maximum which is why both of my daughters have been adjusted since birth.
— Nancy J. - proud patient since 2003